Resident Responsibilities

The Value of Renters Insurance

Make sure your personal belongings are covered in the event of a disaster.  While you may not think your things are worth much, having to replace furniture or clothing can add up.

Protection from theft or fire
In addition to paying for any damaged items, your insurance should include “additional living expenses” coverage if your home becomes uninhabitable after a disaster. The coverage would reimburse you for hotels stays during this period. Progress Residential® recommends at least $2,000.

Protection from personal damages you cause others
Personal liability insurance will protect you from damage or injury to others for which you are responsible. An example of this would be a pet accidentally biting your neighbor. Progress Residential® recommends at least $100,000 of liability.

Protection from property damages you cause others
Let’s say your son hits a home run directly into your neighbor’s window. Your personal property coverage would help pay to replace it. Progress Residential® recommends at least $10,000 in this type of coverage.

Choosing a company
Always shop around for quotes and compare the costs with the coverage. Email a copy of your insurance policy to Make sure that Progress Residential® is listed as an additional interest, referencing this address: PO Box 38015 Albany, NY 12203

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