Resident Responsibilities

Five Tips For Following HOA Guidelines

There are many benefits to living in a master-planned community, including recreational amenities, events and well-maintained grounds. In order to uphold these standards, we need your help to ensure all Home Owners Association (HOA) rules are followed properly.

Here are a few general rules of the HOA to help prevent compliance (violation) notices and fines from being incurred:

Maintain Landscaping
This includes adding mulch (if applicable); removing weeds in grass & rocks consistently; trimming of bushes; etc. If any trees need to be trimmed, please contact your local agent to schedule a tree trimming. View more tips here.

Trash Can Removal
Please remove all trash collections bins from the street so that they are out of view on non-collection days.

Observe Parking Rules
To main the integrity of your home, please do not park on the landscaping. Additionally, follow any parking restriction that the HOA may have in place (no parking on street, no commercial vehicles, etc.). If you are unsure if there are any parking restrictions within your community, please contact your local Progress Residential® Property Management office for additional information.

Take Care of Your Pet
Avoid excess barking at all times and be sure to clean up any pet waste on walks through the community

Work to Resolve Fines
If you do receive a letter in the mail directly from the HOA for any violations, please contact your local Progress Residential® Property Management office immediately to avoid fines and learn about next steps.

Failure to comply with HOA compliance expectations can result in fines. You will be charged for any fine that is assessed by the HOA for non-compliance of the HOA rules. Fines may be assessed up to 45 – 60 days after the HOA sends the violation notice.

You may request documentation of billing statements from the HOA if such a fine is assessed. We also encourage you to submit photos documenting that the compliance matter is resolved through the web link in the email notification sent or to your local Progress Residential Management office.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

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