How To, Landscaping


Here at Progress Residential®, we want you to love the outside of your home just as much as you love the inside.

Since each resident is responsible for front and backyard landscaping maintenance, we’ve compiled a few gardening tips to help make your surroundings beautiful.

Watering, Weeding and Mowing
Stop weeds before they become a problem by using a pre-emergent herbicide and mowing your lawn regularly. Additionally, maintain your lawn with early morning watering so the sun can dry the grass. Nighttime watering can result in prolonged moisture on the blades and attract mosquitos.

Bush & Plant Trimming
After receiving approval from your HOA, purchase plants and bushes that are low maintenance to avoid excess water usage. Trimming should occur often and reflect the natural, healthy shape of the plant/bush.

Raking Leaves
One way to make leaf cleanup simple is to invest in a motorized leaf blower and mulcher. Be sure to tend to leaves weekly to avoid pile up on both your yard and your neighbor’s yard.

Exterior Washing
Exterior washing includes keeping your driveway, fencing, deck, gutters and the outside walls of home clean. It’s best to clean these items regularly to avoid long term problems.

Small Tree Trimming
Just like shrubs, small trees within your yard need care too. Remove cross branches or branches that grow backwards toward the center of the tree, as well as dying branches that attract bugs and other inspects.

We appreciate your attention to maintaining the quality of your home. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Property Manager who can provide a referral for landscaping maintenance.

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